10 Ways You Can Find Happiness and Fulfillment as a Single Woman

Yes, you can be single and happy. There is absolutely no reason not to.

10 Ways You Can Find Happiness and Fulfillment as a Single Woman

As women, we were brought up with the expectation that, once we reach a certain age, we must find a partner, get married and have children. But, what if you don’t find the man of your dreams by a desired age? What if you’re in your mid-thirties and still single? Is it possible to lead a happy and fulfilling life as a single woman? Absolutely yes! There is no reason why singleness should prevent you from being happy.

Here are ten ways you can, as a single woman, find happiness, meaning and fulfillment in life.

1. Let go and let God. So, you’re in your thirties and still single! That’s not a negative reflection on you. There will be days you will pine for a partner, days where you feel pangs of loneliness and dissatisfaction when you see happy couples strolling along the streets past you. Though, here’s the thing: Not everyone is meant to find a partner at a young age. It’s unexplainable, but that’s just how life works. Let it go and leave it in God’s Hands because only He knows what’s best for you. Don’t live your life depressed just because you don’t have a partner. Rather, embrace all the freedom that singleness brings. If you do this, you will release yourself from stress and depression, the two biggest crutches that will hold you back in life.

2. Surround yourself with people who love you just the way you are. Those friends will always be there for you no matter what. They will encourage you and uplift you when the going gets rough.

3. Reach out and get involved in your community. If you are able to, spend a few hours of your time volunteering at a local charity or organization of your choice. Or, attend a meet-up group if there is one in your community. When you get out and involve yourself in social events, you give yourself a chance to expand your network of friends.

4. Give of yourself. Do you have a friend, a colleague, family member, neighbour or other person you know of who is struggling financially or otherwise? Lend a helping hand to that person in need. One act of kindness goes a long way. It makes you feel good knowing that you’re making a positive impact on another person’s life. Also, generosity gives your life purpose and meaning. At the same time, have boundaries with people. Don’t let anyone take advantage of your kindness.

5. Focus on your career. Pursue a vocation that inspires you and pays well, one that you know you will thoroughly enjoy doing for the long term. If you find yourself in a job that gives you little satisfaction, maintain a high level of performance anyway and always keep a positive attitude. In doing so, you will forge friendly relations with your colleagues and possibly make a few good friends in the process. A positive work environment will make life happier and more enjoyable regardless of what job you do.

6. Take time for self care. Pray, listen to music, meditate, do Yoga, anything to tune out the world, de-clutter your mind and focus on you if only for a few minutes a day.

7. Take up a hobby. A hobby that you can do for pleasure, like photography, writing or cooking, will keep you motivated and inspired. It also enables you to develop new skills – or enhance existing ones.

8. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. It’s easier said than done, but if you maintain a healthy diet and factor in 20-30 minutes of vigorous exercise three to four times per week, you will look better, but you will also feel better about yourself as well as more energetic.

9. Travel. Make an effort to travel at least once a year. Spend some time in a country, learn their language and immerse yourself in their culture. If given the chance, attend school or apply for an internship or job abroad. You never know who you will meet or where inspiration will come from. When you travel, you also learn a lot about yourself and, once you start travelling you just don’t want to stop. Heck, you’re single! The world is your oyster, so go out and explore!

10. Don’t settle just because your siblings, friends or relatives have found a mate or because your parents think it’s high time you find a partner. Keep your heart open to romance, but settle when you’re ready to or when you know for sure that you have found the man who is right for you. It’s your life, your choice and no one has the right to dictate otherwise.

There is no easy path to happiness and fulfillment in this life. It often takes several setbacks, letdowns, failures and a lot of self-work in order to find heaven on earth. At times, life as a single woman can be daunting and lonely. However, if you work hard on yourself and maintain a positive attitude, you will find happiness and fulfillment in your life.


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