Click & Grow for growing vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers indoors

Canadian based Click & Grow offers over 60 varieties of herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers for you to grow in your home with their smart gardening Indoor Gardens.

Click & Grow for growing vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers indoors

It has never been so easy to plant and grow herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers indoors as it is with a Click & Grow home gardening kit. With over 60 varieties of different herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables, you can create a self sustaining indoor garden. Whether it is peppermint for your morning tea, mini tomatoes for your salad or piri piri chilli pepper for seasoning dinner, the list is endless.

With Click & Grow, you can have an inside plant system in your home with their plug-in Click & Grow Indoor Garden, designed to automatically take care of the watering, light, and nutrients that help your plants thrive so you can sit back and enjoy watching your garden grow.

Grow your own herb, fruits, vegetables and flowers for your family

Home grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers with Click & Grow Indoor Gardens

Click & Grow realise that people have busy lives, and as much as you like the idea of growing your vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers, they know you may not have the time to commit; this is where their unique Indoor Gardens are a growers dream come true. Imagine having your very own indoor herb growing system!

Indoor gardening made easy with Click & Grow Plant Pods

Click & Grow offers all their seeds in cute Plant Pods, and it is as easy as putting a coffee pod into a coffee machine; you add your Plant Pod to your indoor garden and watch it grow. Click & Grow allow you to have homegrown fruits, vegetables, herbs & flowers which are organic and completely pesticide-free!

Grow your own fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs from Click & Grow Plant Pods

Click & Grow have cleverly designed the perfect Smart Soil for your indoor garden. Inspired by NASA technology, they are perfect for evenly distributing the water within the soil, so the roots have the right amount of water at all times. The Smart Soil contains the right balance of ph-level for optimal moisture, oxygen, and nutrients and contains no pesticides, fungicides, hormones, or other harmful substances.

Smart Soil the ideal environment for your home grown plants

Click & Grow Smart Gardens are easy to maintain and come with full instructions.  You can grow the Smart Gardens all year round, so your vegetables, fruits and herbs will always be in season. Take a look at the video below for easy instructions.


The Click & Grow indoor Gardens  are available in different sizes to suit your home and family needs. Take the Smart Garden 3, for example, a perfect fit for even the smallest of kitchens, measuring 30 x 12 x 21 cm (length, width, height)without extension or Height with one extension: 34 cm; with two extensions: 47 cm.

 The Smart Garden 3 also comes with a complimentary set of 3 basil plant pods to start your own herb garden, although you have a choice of over 50 different types of herbs and plants. The plant pods are all biodegradable, so safe for the environment.

Smart Garden 3 comes with 3 complimentary basil plant pods

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The Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 Pro is one of the best sellers in the Click & Grow Smart Garden Range. It comes with the added feature of touch control and a blue tooth app for controlling the light and includes a complimentary set of plant capsules: 3x tomato, 3x basil, 3x lettuce. The Smart Garden 9 Pro measures 60,4 x 39,6 x 18,4 cm.

Smart Garden 9 Pro with touch control and App

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Looking for a bigger indoor herb, fruit and vegetable garden?

Click & Grow have created different sizes for their indoor gardens as they realise that space differs from home to home. The Click & Grow Smart Garden 27 is free-standing or wall-mounted and measures 120 x 66,5 x 26,5 cm. The Smart Garden 27 allows you to grow a good selection of fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers and includes 9 x basil, 9 x green lettuce and 9 x mini tomato plant pods.

Smart Garden 27 includes 9 x basil, 9 x green lettuce and 9 x mini tomato plant pods

Shop Smart Garden 27 includes basil, green lettuce and mini tomato plant pods

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Over 60 varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers

Click & Grow has made sure there is something for everyone in their wide range of plants, and with over 60 different varieties, you won't be disappointed! 

Click & Grow fruit plant pods for your indoor garden

The Click & Grow fruits includes favourites such as Dwarf Pea, Red Sweet Pepper, Purple Chili Pepper and even Wild Strawberry, to name but a few. They even do selection packs where you can mix and match the types of fruit, such as their Chili Pepper Mix 9 Pack, or if you cannot make up your mind, then why not try the "Try Everything" Mix 54-pack for mouth-watering fruits to spice up your taste buds.

Home grown mouth watering fruits

Click & Grow home grown greens

The Click & Grow greens include a wide range from Leak Radish, Italian Kale, Garden Cress to Red Chard and Red Pak Choi to name but a few.  They also offer the "Try Everything" Mix 54 -pack.  Your salads never taste as good as when you add your own home grown greens.

Home grown crunchy greens for great tasting salads

Wide variety of Click & Grow herbs for all your cooking needs

If it is seasoning for your steak, Oregano for your bolognese or Rosemary for your lamb, Click & Grow have thought of every type of herb for you to grow from your indoor garden. Cooking has never been so much fun when picking your homegrown fresh herbs for seasoning. For a mixture, try their Must-Have Herb Mix 54-pack.

Home grown mouth watering Red Basil Plant

Click & Grow colourful flowers for pretty indoor gardens

As well as growing your fruit, herbs and vegetables, Click & Grow have also introduced an excellent selection of colourful flowers to brighten up your home and fill the air with a fresh-scented aroma. Watch as your flowers grow and bloom, bringing a taste of summer into your house; from the vibrant Painted Nettle, the pretty Moss Rose or the Sweet Alyssum, the choice is endless. Click & Grow have also put a selection together for you in the Vibrant Flower Mix 54-pack

Home grown vibrant flowers bringing an aromatic scent and freshness into your home

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Click & Grow indoor garden accessories

Click & Grow have also created indoor garden accessories range to help you maintain and enjoy growing your plants, like the Natural Reed Straws for that extra support or the Click and Grow Herb Shears for true precision when pruning your plants.

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The seed that planted Click & Grow

When Mattias Lepp, the founder of Canadian based Click & Grow, moved to an urban area from a house with a large garden, he realised how being surrounded by nature helped your mental health and well being. He had the vision to bring that feeling of nature into the homes of people who didn't have the chance to enjoy a garden. He also recognised that people had busy lives, so he set about creating and designing a concept for an indoor garden that would literally "grow by itself" all year round. Click & Grow have achieved this and always strive to bring new ideas and products to their customers, offering organically grown plants that are free from all harmful substances so kind to you and the environment.

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